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Props and Clothing

Here you can buy some of my favorite items, dresses, lingerie, bras and panties. Many are featured on the cover of award winning videos!


Pink Shoes
Cute sweet and innocent just like me! My flowered and gold etched pink sandals worn in several camshows and shoots!
Blingy blue bedroom sandals
My well worn diamond blinged baby blue bedroom sandals, worn in several camshows and shoots! Matches so many of my blue outfits since it's my favorite color.
Red Love Tshirt with Fringes
My favorite oh so soft fringed red shirt, I have shot in this several times, still and video.. you can find it on my site... I even shot with it in the pool cause I liked how it looked wet! Sealed in a baggie for you!
69er Tank Top
How about some touch football? Or soccer? Any full contact sport is fine by me! Check this shirt out in my camshow archives section. This is an awesome well worn shorty with a great big 69 across the front of it... sealed in a baggie just for you!
Pink and Black Feather Boa
What could be sexier than a feather boa? Just rub it all over your body, so soft, a light as air touch! I used this when I judged a pole dancing competition and again for a photoshoot... sealed in a baggie just for you!
Blue Feathered Top
My extra large blue feathered top, worn in several camshows, check out the archive video on my site! I had lots of fun in this one! It's girly and feminine, nice and stretchy! Sealed in a baggie for you!
Leopard Dress
My sheer black lace leopard dress that I have been wearing to go out for years! I love this dress. Sadly I feel it must be retired, lol.... I have worn it out to clubs, swing clubs, strip clubs, and worn it on a few of my camshows... it's sexy and soft, and has a lining plus the leopard mesh like material on top. I will miss it, but I'm sure you can put it to good use! PS I bought it at Victoria's Secret and I'm selling for less than I paid for it!
Market price: $75.00
Black Leather Shoes
OMG these shoes are very worn out, lol... I have worn the hell out of them in so many photosets and videos, not only for my site but also for several studios... look around you will see them in lots of Vicky Vette videos! They can be yours!
Cougar Corset
Just recently shot in this hot cougar corset! Check my site! www.vickyathome.com It's pure seduction, I shot a superhot photoset and solo scene with a few toys wearing this corset. I was in quite a state! It made me feel so excited and freaking horny! I had my hair done for the shoot so I felt very feminine and voluptuous. I hope you enjoy this corset as much as I did. It was very expensive too!
Swiss Miss
Who doesn't like cosplay? My little Swiss Miss outfit, worn for my site! Check it out! A little black skirt and frilly top, can you hear the yodeling in the mountains from here? Does anyone have a Ricolah? lol... The little top barely stretches over my own mountains and valleys and it can be yours!