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Personalized 8x10 Glossies

Get your personally autographed Vicky Vette 8x10 glossy here! It will come to you in a discrete brown manilla business envelope. I will sign it however you like, hehehe, naughty or nice? It makes a great surprise birthday present for friends too!

TAKE NOTE! I ONLY CHARGE $1 SHIPPING ON 8X10'S so feel free to order as many as you like!


8x10#14 Viking 1
A Viking Queen - Vicky Vette strikes a Nordic Pose that Will Leave You Gasping for Air...... and your zipper!
8x10#13 Checkered 3
A Danni Girl of the Month Stunner - Blonde Babe Pornstar Vicky Vette in all her glory
8x10#12 Money Bikini
Money Money Money! Vicky Vette looking filthy rich in this amazing picture!
8x10#11 Checkered 2
Ultimate babe Vicky Vette - blonde MILF extraordinaire
8x10#10 Checkered 1
Ultimate babe Vicky Vette in a Seductive Pose....
8x10#09 Vanity
World class photo of Vicky Vette babe extraordinaire!
8x10#08 Brick Wall
Do you want me baby? Vicky Vette as tempting as ever.
8x10#07 Antique Chair
Awesome gloss 8x10 photo of the perfect body of Vicky Vette.
8x10#06 Hot Tub
The Hot Tub is 'Hot' Because Vicky Vette is in it!!!! Vicky Vette looking stunning in this 8x10 of the ultimate hot tub!
8x10#05 Nude Beach
Vicky Vette is nude at the beach. Blonde, busty and nude on the beach. You gotta get this 8x10!
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