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Personalized 8x10 Glossies

Get your personally autographed Vicky Vette 8x10 glossy here! It will come to you in a discrete brown manilla business envelope. I will sign it however you like, hehehe, naughty or nice? It makes a great surprise birthday present for friends too!

TAKE NOTE! I ONLY CHARGE $1 SHIPPING ON 8X10'S so feel free to order as many as you like!


8x10#24 Buttshot
STUNNING VIEW OF VICKY VETTE FROM BEHIND! Vicky Vette's amazing body in all its glory for your admiring gaze. Order Today!
8x10#23 Orange Bra
'THE' ORANGE BRA SHOT! VICKY VETTE is about the only girl who could 'pull' off this bra in Orange and look stunning.
8x10#22 Booby Bangers
BOOBY BANGERS COVER! Another famous shot from a movie that if you have not seen... you should. Glamour meets porn meets beauty! 8x10 HOT PHOTO! ORDER TODAY and have it in your hands soon!
8x10#21 Bad Cop
VICKY VETTE - BAD COP!!! The MUST HAVE world famous shot of Vicky Vette that has been seen all over Myspace and the Official Site. Order Today and get a piece of history! ICONIC.
8x10#20 Garden Full
In the garden with Vicky Vette. If the headshot is not enough get this full body shot of Vicky in the garden. She is ready to mow your lawn.
8x10#19 Garden Head Shot
Headshot that will leave you breathless. Vicky Vette. Be proud to have this 8x10 and know you cannot get busted for having any porn in the house!
8x10#18 Viking 5
Vicky Vette as a Nude Viking!
8x10#17 Viking 4
VICKY VETTE - the very naughty Viking! Are pigtails you thing? Perfect breasts, blonde and naughty fun.
8x10#16 Viking 3
A Topless Viking Queen - Vicky Vette strikes a Nordic Pose that Will Leave You Gasping for Air...... and your zipper! TOPLESS and STUNNING!
8x10#15 Viking 2
A Viking Queen Who is Getting Horny! - Vicky Vette strikes a Nordic Pose that Will Leave You Gasping for Air...... and your zipper! NO NUDITY but a little more cleavage action.
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